Shepparton Churches

Our Values

We value Partnership

  • Together we are God’s workers in His harvest field. We may have different doctrines and creeds, but we come together on the common ground that is found in Christ and his finished work on the cross.
  • Our SMA meetings are designed to help us be collaborative in our efforts to see God’s Kingdom establish and expand in Shepparton.

We value Relationship

  • We were never meant to build the Kingdom alone… leadership is hard enough without the risk of isolation and distance.
  • Proverbs talks about the importance of iron sharpening iron, and it is so encouraging to know that we have a group of fellow ministers who are running the race with us and will help keep us sharp and Kingdom focused.

We value Prayer

  • We all understand the need and value of prayer, and we also understand the dynamic nature of ministry and family life.
  • For those who are able, we hold a monthly prayer meeting, which is great place of connection and praying together.
  • For those who are unable to make this gathering
  • Not everyone may be able to make that particular time slot, so we would encourage us to think of another dimension prayer that can be flexible enough to fit into any schedule, any day, anywhere from offices to walks around the lake together in prayer.  Let’s get creative and active in this area and see what God can do.